Oswalt Restaurant Supply chooses WSI for Search Engine Marketing

Oswalt Restaurant Supply chooses WSI for Search Engine Marketing

María Teresa Bascuñán - Martes, Abril 25, 2017

Oswalt Restaurant Supply has hired WSI to implement our tried and true SEO methodology in conjunction with a targeted Paid Search campaign. Oswalt Restaurant Supply is a leading supplier of commercial quality restaurant equipment and supplies. Their extensive online kitchen and restaurant eCommerce store provides an easy online shopping experience.   Oswalt also provides expert commercial kitchen design and construction services. Small differences in kitchen design can have a large impact on restaurant efficiency and profitability.   Oswalt is uniquely qualified to create kitchen designs that allow the kitchen staff, from chefs and waiters to dishwashers and clean-up crew, to operate at maximum efficiency.

The services and products provided by Oswalt Restaurant Supply include:

  • Restaurant Supply Store items from tableware and glassware to furniture and textiles.
  • Kitchen Supply Store items including cutlery, bakery supplies, and storage essentials.
  • Restaurant Equipment including commercial stoves, food prep equipment, ice makers, and dishwashers.
  • Commercial Refrigerators of the size and type to meet all restaurants needs.
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment such as char broilers, microwaves, fryers, heat lamps, and more.
  • Restaurant Design services including kitchen layout, vent hoods for proper air flow, utility placement such as gas, water, electricity, and more

How WSI’s SEO works for Oswalt Restaurant Supply

As part of our SEO methodology, WSI created and optimized new web pages reflecting these services, utilizing well researched keywords that restaurant owners and managers use to find restaurant equippers for these products and services.  In addition, we have developed a content marketing plan as part of an effective link building strategy, publishing optimized content to platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Usite, and Google+.

WSI’s Global Resources Benefit Local Businesses

WSI is the world’s largest and most innovative Internet Marketing Agency with a presence in over 80 countries and every state in the USA.   We truly provide global knowledge and influence for the benefit of Local businesses.   The association of independently owned WSI offices provides the world’s leading Internet Marketing experts.    

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